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Scholar of the Arcane Arts is a Roguelike Action RPG where every spell you cast interacts with one another. Learn new spells, solve puzzles, unlock secret dungeons, and defeat monstrous beings to save the world invaded by five Planes of magic!
Meet the Developer
  • Stephen Sanchez
    Stephen Sanchez (Endo) has had a passion for video games ever since he beat Super Mario Bros. on NES. After years of thinking that becoming a game developer was a pipe dream, he finally decided to take a leap and teach himself programming and pixel art. Frustrated that there were no video games that “made you feel like a wizard” Stephen started work on Scholar of the Arcane Arts in February of 2021. Whenever self doubt creeps in, Stephen’s beautiful wife Alison is there to love and support him. They both live happily in Boston, USA.

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